The end of autumn is with us and it is time again to plant for profusion and this is what we are very busy doing! It has been wonderful growing weather and with the unseasonal rains and heat, the plants are growing beautifully. We have planted more seedlings than before and if all grow as wished, we will have best showing ever. Keep in touch as the new year unfolds - we look forward to meeting old friends and new and to share the beauty of Poppy Magic and of numerous other flowers with all who have a common interest in nature's beauty.

We have had requests for seeds or seedlings and so we must respond. We only harvest Poppy Magic seed from just the best flowers every year and as a consequence unfortunately do not sell seed or seedlings, and have only sufficient to plant out our beds.  We keep some seed in cold storage in case a hail storm wipes out the entire seed crop, which has happened in the past - last year about half the seed crop was lost to a hail storm.

Don't forget to let us know how you are doing with your Iceland poppies and also tell us some of your secrets as to how you feel poppies should be grown.

There will not be open days as such but viewing by appointment may be arranged .We are at 8 Curry's Post Road (50 m about the Howick Vets).
Phone 033 3304214 or 082 834 0679 for more details or phone to arrange to pop in at a time that suits us both so that you can also view our gallery of Poppy Magic photo-art, greetings cards,blocks etc. Happy Spring time!