Accessories for PC Gaming Part 2

Last week we looked at some of the best headsets, mouses and keyboards for your gaming setup. With part two, we get into even more detail with the latest and greatest in gaming. Not only we do we look at comfort with chairs but speeding up your entire PC with the addition of an SSD.

Gaming Chairs

A Polish proverb says, “in a game, it’s difficult to know when to stop” they weren’t referring to PC gaming because in PC gaming you stop when your buttocks get sore. That’s why it is essential to have a well-designed gaming chair because then you never have to stop playing. Below is a list of gaming chair suggestions.

Secret lab omega gaming chair has a price tag of roughly $390. This would lead you to believe the chair was stitched with gold and the pillows stuffed with wool from the extremely rare angora unicorn. But rest assured this chair is made from way better products. No corners were cut in the making of this Gaming chair, this racing seat styled pc gaming throne sports velour memory foam pillows for your head and lumbar areas, and it reclines 165 degrees. For comfort and style, this chair is worth your savings, no doubt.

At a more comfortable price, the Respawn 200 is easier on the pocket while still being easy on your butt. Keeping with the racing style, this throne reclines 130 degrees and hosts a mesh back for those ridiculously hot days. It comes in 5 primary colours and is priced at $180. The DXRacer Classic Series suits gamers with bigger frames, there’s extra space for those extra muscles and broader shoulders. But with a bigger chair comes a more significant price tag, however, who can put a price on comfort. This isn’t a 100% racing style chair, but more of an office chair with a nod to racing. It can carry a person of up to 300lbs and still recline 135 degrees.


An SSD is a great addition, no matter what your PC needs are. It’s the latest technology in hard drives and certainly adds loads of benefits with speed for everyday use and gaming, of course. There are various options and prices to suit everyone’s pocket; all that’s needed is a bit of research to find the ideal match for you. Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB, is faster and approximately $130 in price, sounds like the best Package. It is more or less the same price as the 970 EVO, but the performance is higher and sports enhanced endurance. While the Samsung Evo series has the highest ratings, you don’t need to go for the high price tag to get the benefits of an SSD. Drives such as the WD blue and green drives might not be as fast, but they still deliver incredible speeds in comparison to the standard drives. Thus, your PC speeds up a lot, and you don’t spend even half the price you would on an Evo range.