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NASCAR’s Virtual Races Being Televised

Fox Sports announced that they’ll be broadcasting the virtual season of NASCAR. These virtual racing venues will compile various rising stars and legends throughout the NASCAR Community, which will be maintained through the iRacing Sim Platform. Those

Xbox Live Down Twice in One Week

The Microsoft Company disappointed millions worldwide when the Xbox Live Service became un-operational twice in one week. The 1st time occurred on March 15th when Covid-19 concerns across North America were beginning. However, a secondary crash followed

Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft and Xbox

Technology analysts were shocked to learn that Microsoft’s Co-Founder and Technology Advisor is stepping down from the Board of Directors. This announcement was made by Bill Gates himself, who confirmed he’s dedicating his time towards philanthropic priorities

Warzone Coming on March 10th

Speculation regarding the Battle Royale mode with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been extensive. Supporters behind this game franchise have waited for this potential game mode, requesting it from the developers. After months of this considerable

Increasing Sales Pressure for GameStop Employees

Trouble is brewing amongst retail staff and game GameStop store managers who have reported that the company is taking aggressive steps to try to increase sales within the video game retail chain. This is resultant on the

Sony & Facebook Cancel Game Developer Conference Panels

International businesses worldwide are suffering from delayed production following the Covid-19 Outbreak from China. These declines started after December 31st, showing significant impacts on worldwide economies. It’s prompted to various nations to take precautions for avoiding exposure

Witches 3 Sales Increase by 500%

The Netflix Streaming Service has created one of the most popular television series since Game of Thrones. Named the Witcher, their source material originates from a novel and video game franchise. Since Netflix released their version of

2020 Big Year for Ubisoft

The Ubisoft Corporation strategically took a step back throughout the 2019 Fiscal Year, with their remittance into the gaming industry slated for 2020. Additional details regarding their strategic lineup of titles for 2020 has been provided following

Sony Cross-Compatibility with Nintendo Switch

The Sony Corporation surprised loyal supporters this weekend. Sony posted a survey throughout the Reddit Forums, asking all PS4 owners what they’d think about streaming their titles to the Nintendo Switch. Immediately fans voted between a “Very

Investing in Video Games

The evolution of the video game industry is one that is constant and continues at a rapid pace. While video games have been a part of societies fabric for decades, the market had one that was seen