Best PC Puzzle Games 2019

As gamers, we often focus on the mind-numbing shooter games, or fast-footed football PC games, which are very captivating and enthralling and they can keep you busy for hours. But now and then it is beautiful to break away and exercise your brain for a bit. Below are some of the best (so far) puzzle games for PC gamers in 2019.

I Expect You to Die

What’s not to love about an escape game? Sure, the name is a little scary, but in reality, if someone was locked in a room alone, with no food and no apparent means of getting out, you’d also expect them to die, wouldn’t you? The most loved aspect of an escape room game is how you are forced to use your mind and, like MacGyver, use inanimate objects in a creative way to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

In I Expect You to Die you play the role of a secret agent on old school Bond-like missions. Each scenario is as entertaining as the next, and each puzzle task captivates you, absorbing all your attention. I Expect You to Die offers more than one solution to some of the puzzles so you can play the game again and again without getting bored.

The Talos Principle

This PC game encompasses puzzles in its gameplay. It’s not an action game garnished with problems, but rather a puzzle game animated with different settings. Environments include anything from Egyptian themed to Greek and Medieval themes, just enough to humour your mind’s eye. In this game, you are a robot who has to solve all the puzzles; you will have to activate triggers, reroute lasers, shift blocks and even complete some jigsaw puzzles.

This game boasts a variety of puzzles, tasks and goals, not to mention the mind games it plays with you throughout the game, making you question your movements and decisions. The choices you make lead to different results, making it possible to play the game multiple times.


This game will make you think of Super Mario; it even has the “save the princess” theme. However, in a different turn, the graphics are stunning works of art in hand-painted style. The puzzles in this game are more about manipulating time than solving jigsaws; sometimes, you might rewind time to experiment or change the decision you made to see what the outcome will be. Due to the different manipulation options, solving puzzles does not get old and for those who get frustrated with being stuck on one problem too long, move on to another and tackle the hard one later with a clear mind.

Escape, Manipulate Time or Problem Solve?

Here we have three games for all you bright sparks to try, play a couple of rounds of each and let us know what you think. Alternatively, suggest other puzzle games for us to review.