Best Video Games of 2020

Most individuals that partake in video games are becoming excited for the upcoming Xbox Series: X and PlayStation 5, which are slated to be released during the 2020 holiday season. Gamers are forgetting about the forthcoming Triple-A titles that are being released in 2020 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 5. Below we have comprised the four highly anticipated games coming throughout the next twelve months. It should be noted that most of these games will be ported to the upcoming consoles.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake

One of the most critically acclaimed video games is being remade for 2020. Final Fantasy VII has been overhyped amongst fans because this isn’t a high-definition remake. Instead, the developers behind Final Fantasy rebuilt this game from the ground up, using the latest technologies available in-studio to provide a revitalizing experience. Those that played the original and experience the remake will notice numerous differences, including a vaster landscape with improved visuals. Combat has drastically improved as well, become less linear for gamers.

  • Doom Eternal

Players have been clamouring for a sequel to Doom 2016, which received numerous awards for Best Game of the Year. The first-person shooter returns in 2020 with Doom: Eternal, which is slated to be the most significant expansion ever seen in this franchise. Those critics that have experienced the game first hand noted that the combat is thrilling, environments are more active, and enemy-classes provide a higher level of artificial intelligence. This overall makes this game faster-paced, more strategic and more exciting for players.

  • Resident Evil 3

It’s been less than two months since Capcom Studios confirmed that a third remake would be released into the Resident Evil Franchise. The development house is recreating Resident Evil 3 from the ground-up, maintaining the same structure of gameplay that was seen in RE1 and RE2. This means for the first time since these remakes began, players can traverse the full length of Racoon City. Those who haven’t played Resident Evil 3 will be in for a treat, as this is where Jill Valentine’s story begins.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

The final game on our list is the one players are most excited for, with an open-world experience that nobody has ever seen before coming in less than two months. This adventurous landscape comes with Cyberpunk 2077, which we’ve covered in the past. Throughout the last several years, this game has received more popularity. It would become a household name amongst games at E3 2019, where the first gameplay trailer was released.