Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft and Xbox

Technology analysts were shocked to learn that Microsoft’s Co-Founder and Technology Advisor is stepping down from the Board of Directors. This announcement was made by Bill Gates himself, who confirmed he’s dedicating his time towards philanthropic priorities regarding global health, climate change and education. Bill Gates leaves his role as chairman for the Microsoft Board of Directors, which he began in February 2014.

The Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, expressed that learning and engaging with Bill Gates has been a substantial honour. When Gates founded Microsoft decades ago, he did so with the belief that software shouldn’t be monetized and should solve society’s most extraordinary challenges. Microsoft has continually held that motto for, providing consumers with useful technologies that have assisted in our daily lives.

Satya Nadella noted that the leadership and vision from Bill Gates often assisted with Microsoft continually pushing forward with their technological innovations. He’d often advise how services and platforms could be sold ahead, with Nadella mentioning that their friendship has been unlike any other in his life. Statements concluded from Satya Nadella by noting that they’ll continue to work together to ensure that every organization and person can achieve more with computing technologies.

Bill Gates provided his formal statements to CNBC Reporters. He expressed that by leaving Microsoft’s Board of Directors as Chairman doesn’t mean he’s entirely going the company. Bill Gates created the Microsoft Corporation, and it’ll continuously be a substantial part of his career’s work. He’ll continue to engage with Nadella by providing technical leadership, ensuring that the companies ambitious goals are shaped to the vision of Bill Gates. He closed out his remarks by noting that his optimism towards the company’s growth in the coming years is substantial. This indicates that the company could be releasing a new software platform by 2021 or 2022, which has been rumoured on Reddit.

The History of Microsoft

Microsoft was Co-Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, with their company being the 1st to release a personal computer to international markets. It was the brilliance of Bill Gates that saw the invention and innovation of DSL Internet. Without this technological genius, many of the technologies that support our daily lives wouldn’t have been invented. It’s hard to imagine a period before the internet, social media and desktop computers.