Dying Light 2 and Marvel’s Avengers Delayed

The last week has proven to be disappointing for video game enthusiasts. Two titles slated for 2020 have been delayed, with one not coming until the holiday season and the other postponed indefinitely. TechLand Studios announced that Dying Light Two wouldn’t be releasing in Spring 2020, with the sequel being pushed into re-development. New launch dates haven’t been confirmed, meaning the delay is indefinite. This announcement was confirmed that the TechLand twitter account, where they informed fans that more time is required to provide the full vision of Dying Light Two. However, it was noted that more information would be provided in the following months, which would mean an updated release date.

The priority for TechLand Studios is to provide a video game that offers a compelling and exciting experience. Storyline-based games advance rapidly in the current market, meaning that previous gameplay mechanics or graphics can quickly be outdated. This prompts numerous games to be delayed, with Dying Light Two being the most recent. Supporters can experience this game on the PlayStation 4, Personal Computer and Xbox One. Following these delays, analysts have determined that TechLand could be developing a next-generation model of Dying Light Two. This means supporters would have access to this game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Additional delays announced the last week include the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which has been postponed numerous times throughout its development phase. Cyberpunk 2077 was also delayed until September 2020, which shocked the industry, as this is one of the most highly anticipated games in recent memory. Square Enix Studios also revealed that Marvel’s Avengers would be delayed until September 2020 as well.

The Avengers

Online supporters are most disappointed by the delay of Marvel’s Avengers, which is just as highly anticipated as Cyberpunk 2077. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Studios had planned to launch the Avengers in May 2020, with both studios confirming that it’s been pushed back until September 2020. When the studio heads at Crystal Dynamics spoke to reporters regarding this announcement, they noted that Disney demands the ultimate Avengers game for their fans. Delivering this experience is crucial is Marvel’s Avengers will compete against Sony’s Spider-Man.

Fans have been clamouring for Marvel’s Avengers since it was first announced in 2017 as “The Avengers project”. It’d be two years before official gameplay footage would be unveiled, which met immediate backlash for the alterations in character design. There also wasn’t a clear structure regarding the gameplay, storyline or surrounding universe. Subsequently, these complaints have been taken into consideration, and Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix are developing solutions.