Half-life 2

Although a well-aged game we thought we would join the “throwback” phase and pay homage to one of the good ones. This 15-year-old, first-person shooter game boasts a whopping 10/10 rating on Steam and a 4.4/5 rating

The Playstation 5

Global PlayStation fans who caught a glimpse of a holiday-themed advert thought it might be a hint that the PlayStation 5 might be hitting retail outlets soonish. With expectations of launching during 2020 high, Sony is keeping

Harry Potter Game Makes Headlines

At the latest fan fest in Indianapolis, respective dragons were revealed to Wizards unite players from all over the world. Oceania met their dragon, Opaleye, while Asia and India greeted their dragon, Chinese Fireball. Vipertooth is the

Understanding Monitor Response Times

So, you’re in the market to buy a new screen for your PC, a second screen for the laptop or a better gaming screen. Last week we went over the refresh rates and what Hz means. For

Selecting the Right Monitor

Modern PC components are confusing, to say the least, even for those making regular changes to get the best in gaming. Choosing new screens, keyboards or and even a mouse comes with a range of options as

Reasons video games are right for you

Many parents shake their heads and click their teeth when they see children playing video games rather than being in the sun. However, there are positives in allowing your children to play them. Some of those reasons

PS4 Games to get you through August

As hard as it is to believe, the PS4 launched over six years ago. Since then, many games have been released, making it hard to filter through and decide what to play. In this article, I’ll list

Cloud Gaming Platforms

Stadia This is a game streaming service that will be offered by Google in its attempt to be the market leader in this area of expertise. Naturally, because “Google” is associated with it, most are already considering

The Whisperings of Cloud Gaming

Many famous companies are well known and market leaders in the gaming fields. You have Sony who developed the PlayStation and Microsoft with their Xbox, and then giants in other areas, like Walmart, Google and Amazon, who

Gesture Gaming’s Future

Originally this was going to be a related and informative article of the PlayStation 4 Eye vs Xbox one Kinect, but seeing that Microsoft has decided to kill the connection and with it the hopes and dreams