Ubisoft Executives Leaves Company After Allegations

Harassment & Assault Allegations have prompted the resignation of Maxime Beland from Ubisoft. PR Representative confirmed the termination of their Executive, remarking that his leaving from Ubisoft is immediate. Maxime Beland destroyed his career after allegations against

Fable Rumours Disputed by Xbox Marketing Director

The Xbox Company has received notable flack amongst their supporters, with fans claiming that falsified advertising was implemented by the marketing department to garner more popularity for the “Xbox Series X”. These claims come after Twitter Handles

TwitchCon San Diego Cancelled for 2020

Streaming video games has become a notable form of entertainment, with COVID-19 acting like a double-edged sword for services like Twitch. Consumer engagement during the pandemic increased tenfold for Twitch, with Professional eSports generating viewers from around

Quantum Error Announced for PS5

Gamers didn’t expect two horror games to be announced on back-to-back dates. The 1st title is Outlast Trials, which is exclusive to the personal computer for a short period. Gamers are placed into a Cold War Mental

Postponements for Steam’s Summer Game Festival

Valve confirmed over the June 5th weekend that the “Steam Summer Game Festival” will be delayed by several days. Slated to arrive the following Tuesday on June 9th, formidable sales for PC Gamers won’t be available until

PS5 Details Coming Next Week

The Sony Computer Company has finally issued updates on the PlayStation 5, which follows after a public outcry not to release information for security purposes. It’s now known that full details on the PS5 will be issued

Silent Hill Reboot Coming to PS5

The Konami Company is known for its secretive behaviour, rarely releasing information regarding their upcoming titles. They’ll often dispute the existence of their in-development games to avoid the storyline being leaked. It’s almost impossible to prevent leaks

Titanfall Franchise Terminated by Respawn

Supporters behind the Titanfall franchise were disappointed to learn that Respawn Entertainment isn’t working on the 3rd entry into this series. This follows after Apex Legends performed considerably better than its predecessor, with Apex sustaining itself with

Fortnite Reaches a Historic Mark

Epic Games has reached another milestone with their infamous video game, Fortnite. After months on hiatus regarding their player base, this game developer announced that they’d exceeded 350 million players. That’s the highest volume of players for

New Release Date for Last of Us II

The Sony Company has put their fans into a whirlwind of emotions with a highly anticipated title. This follows after studio heads with Naughty Dog confirmed that “The Last of Us: Part II” would be delayed indefinitely