Samsung A80 is Best for Gaming

Mobile company leader Samsung has recently released a whole new range of mobile phone called the A-series. It begins with an A30 and goes right through to the A80, offering new phones with excellent features. Sure, they

Play Free Mobile Casino Games

Mobile games are available in various categories and have expanded to provide similar graphics and features to what we see with PC games. When you look at mobile variations of games such as PUBG and GTA, it’s

Gaming on Tablets vs. Smartphones

Tablets are much bigger than smartphones, have bigger screens and usually offer the same screen quality as the latest smartphone devices. So, why aren’t we using these more for gaming? Imagine playing games such as PUBG on

The Best Strategy Games on PC for 2018

When searching for the best strategy games for PC, we evaluate a wide range of important elements. Most gamers enjoy a mix between large-scale, explosive action and complex games featuring difficult decisions. In our list, you’ll find

Video Games Good…for Mind and Body

Gaming is good for both your mind and soul, scientific research has confirmed that video and pc gaming is good for individuals and as a matter of fact, these findings are supported by several studies. It is