Games on Apple Watch – Best Games

Most would think the Apple Watch is just there for fitness tracking and getting notifications for messages, emails and all the rest they do. However, there’s so much more you can do on the watch, ranging from small apps such as calculators to some of the most awesome time-waster games you can play right on your wrist. Let’s be fair, the small screen isn’t ideal for gaming in the first place, so it would be a bit unrealistic to expect the same gaming experience as you get on the phones. For example, don’t expect to have a full-blown round in PUBG on your Apple Watch.

It’s more about the small games and additions to the phone games that makes it great. There are loads to choose from, offering unique features and exciting opportunities that makes any wait worth tapping into your favourites. The Apple Watch can take multiple games as they are small. On top of that, the new watches come with much bigger onboard storage, allowing you to keep music, pictures, games and much more. Below, we look at some of the best Apple Watch games you should give a try:

Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is a great game for those who enjoy challenges. It’s short, quick and doesn’t involve a lot of graphics. You’re a thief in the game and need to figure out the combinations to safes to grab the goodies inside. This adds to your score, adding the challenge of beating your best as well. Of course, it’s timed, which doesn’t give you the freedom to take your time as the cops are already on the way.

It’s awe-inspiring as you can see the safe lock on your screen and need to turn the dial and find the numbers that unlock the safe. As you turn, you’ll feel your watch vibrate, indicating that you’re close to the right amount. There are usually two or three numbers to find before the time runs out to unlock a safe if you fail, the round ends and your total loot is used as your score.


This is a great one for those who enjoy stories and those games that react based on your response. You need to download the app for your iPhone and allow it to send notifications through your Apple Watch. Once you’re all set, you’ll start receiving these messages from an astronaut that’s stranded and needs your help. You need to try and figure out a plan, give advice and find out some of the secrets he has with individual responses given to you on the screen. It can go on for quite a while, but whenever you’re done, ignore the last message and provide a response when you’re ready. It’s a great way to pass the time and find out some creepy things along the way.