Gaming on Tablets vs. Smartphones

Tablets are much bigger than smartphones, have bigger screens and usually offer the same screen quality as the latest smartphone devices. So, why aren’t we using these more for gaming? Imagine playing games such as PUBG on a huge 12.9-inch iPad Pro or taking advantage of your favourite racing game with much better detail.

While these are amazing attractive additions to mobile gaming, there are some limitations for tablet devices. So, before you run out and trade in your smartphone, check out the details below and what it really means to game on an iPad or another tablet.

Games Might not be Available

While most game developers try to launch their games on all platforms, it’s well worth checking if your specific game is available on the store. Tablets such as the iPad Pro use unique App stores, which only includes apps that are compatible with the device.

To check, you can simply do a Google search and see if a specific game is available. Alternatively, check out the store from the device if you have one already. You’ll be surprised at just how many games are on the bigger tablets, but not all of them will be there. So, take the time and do the research.

Game Controls are Different

With games such as PUBG, it’s important to know exactly where the options buttons are. It helps you move around quickly and get to actions a lot faster. Of course, you wouldn’t want to come face to face with an enemy and just stand there while trying to find the shoot button.

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem with some games on the large tablets, but the major game provides such have thought about it and allow players to change the game settings and where the buttons are. Therefore, you can change the layout of the buttons, making it much easier to do all the actions and enjoy the game on the bigger screen.

Is Too Big a Problem?

This is a matter you’ll need to think about and it depends on the type of game you play. Before we try, it seems as if big screens are always better for gaming, but sometimes it actually makes the game much harder to play as you now need to look around on the screen to ensure you keep track of everything.

Games that provide a bird-eye view and offers a larger map are great for bigger screens, but when you switch to something that fast-paced, has loads of action and requires your focus on multiple places at the same time, you might just find the bigger screen is a curse.

On the other hand, you could always add a remote to your gaming, allowing you to play the slower games up close and take advantage of the fast games a little further away and control the actions in a controller.