Half-life 2

Although a well-aged game we thought we would join the “throwback” phase and pay homage to one of the good ones. This 15-year-old, first-person shooter game boasts a whopping 10/10 rating on Steam and a 4.4/5 rating on Google Play. Every gamer has their favourite types of games, like a sandbox, massively multiplayer online, real-time strategy and battle royale games. But those who love first-person shooter games will have a special place in their hearts for Half-Life 2

The Story

Sometime after the Half-Life event, the hard to understand, G-man, wakes leading character, Gordon Freeman (I wonder if this name was chosen because of its phonetic similarities to and equally impressive actor). He wakes to the nightmare of a world controlled by an alien group force.

Along with other heroes, Gordon makes his way through the game, trying to save the world and free the humans. He uses all sorts of impressive, albeit well thought up, weapons, including the Gravity Gun. This gun has the power to move distant objects.
The games sold in retail were all sold as a bundle with Counter-Strike: Source, another first-person shooter game developed by Valve in conjunction with Turtle Rock. Half-Life 2 fans and experts raved about the advanced animation as well as sound, graphics, and AI. A common opinion of gamers all over the world is that Half-Life 2 is the most excellent game of all time. Not surprising as it won thirty-nine awards titled “Game of the Year as well as the “Game of the Decade” title.


Half-Life 2 is a multi-chapter game, where you as a single player are always cast as the champion Gordon. The game kept its successful systems of health and weaponry and my favourite, the physics puzzles. What keeps this game exciting and re-playable is that the problems can be solved in diverse ways. The graphics improved drastically. As with Half-Life, you as the gamer, start with zero resources and part of the game is to gather inventory and weaponry.