Harry Potter Game Makes Headlines

At the latest fan fest in Indianapolis, respective dragons were revealed to Wizards unite players from all over the world. Oceania met their dragon, Opaleye, while Asia and India greeted their dragon, Chinese Fireball. Vipertooth is the dragon for Greenland and the USA, and Europe and Africa have been given Welsh Green.

Fans in attendance at the Wizards Unite Fest had the joy of gifting international players exclusive rewards. Players had to return dragons during the event, and by reaching the 500 000 marks, another special event was unlocked. A 180-minute Day of the Dragons event. Also opened on the day was a limited period in which you may have had the chance to encounter dragons from other regions.

The day of the Dragons event took place on September 7th at various times to accommodate the different time zones of continents and their countries. By unlocking 1000 000 of each type of dragon egg, time expiring upgrade rewards were presented. These bonuses could only be utilised until September 9th, but they were most definitely enjoyed to their full capacity. The expert dragon handler, Charley Weasley, was supported by fans executing individual tasks.

When Portmanteaus’ were encountered, they held different Portkeys. These Keys teleported gamers to the forbidden forest where they could hunt for, find, and select one of the four above mentioned dragon eggs. Each dragon was associated to a specific reward. Careful choices needed to be made, so gamers could get the rewards they most wanted.

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