Hostage Situation at Ubisoft Montreal

November 13th had an unexpected & frightening situation occur at the Headquarters of Ubisoft Montreal. Law enforcement was called on-scene after reports indicated that numerous hostages had been taken and that an unnamed assailant was demanding immediate payment for their safe return. Law enforcement from Montreal announced that after attending Ubisoft Montreal, assessments revealed that an immediate threat was plausible & whoever contacted police maintained a hoax.

This hoax meant that thousands of taxpayer dollars were used towards a falsified incident & that law enforcement required for civilians in-need were pulled away without justified cause. Montreal police are requesting information from the public on this hoax artists and have informed that unknown assailant that charges will be filled when they’re located. Law enforcement is permitted to lay financial penalties & arrests onto those that falsify reports.

Early into the morning of November 13th saw multiple reports released to local news stations, with broadcasting footage displaying hundreds of Ubisoft Montreal employees sheltered on the roof. Law enforcement informed all locals surrounding the building to evacuate when it was believed a threat was still possible. Law enforcement entered the headquarters to find an unmanned facility. All individuals were located on the roof.

Concern Back Home

Hundreds of other employees were working from home when the event transpired. The Community Developer of Hyper Scape, Eric Pope, emphasised that an important meeting was being held when his co-worker abruptly left the conversation without any pre-emptive warning. Minutes later, Eric Pope would witness headlines with local news stations & presume the worse.

Personnel with Ubisoft Montreal have expressed their anger towards the individual that committed this wrongful behaviour. A gamer holding some petty vendetta against Ubisoft likely committed this crime & law enforcement will charge that individual when located. All team personnel were later confirmed safe by law enforcement.