Increasing Sales Pressure for GameStop Employees

Trouble is brewing amongst retail staff and game GameStop store managers who have reported that the company is taking aggressive steps to try to increase sales within the video game retail chain. This is resultant on the chain struggling to deal with a large loss in revenue due to the continued consumer shift towards to digital purchases.

GameStop employees, both current and past, in over a dozen separate interviews, have spoken about the aggressive, intrusive customer scripts and sales targets that are meant to get the most value possible as the company sees its customer base dwindling.

All employees who were spoken to have mentioned that they have concerns over GameStop’s future and most reported they have noticed a decline in customers over the same time last year. One store manager commented stating; “I’ve seen a change in the sheer desperation the company has towards its profit margins,” said one store manager with multiple years’ experience at the company. Likewise, an assistant manager stated; “The company is frantic and distrustful. You can feel it in every message they send. The structure is falling apart, and they’re scrambling.”

One former unnamed store manager believes the company will see over 1000 store closures this year. However, another current manager feels the company will have to reduce costs due to the video game market dying. Adding to that, the manager stated; “My store is well known for solid sales performance. But customer traffic has dipped significantly in the past two years. Aside from some expected high-traffic days like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and major game release days, we’re missing our daily sales plans almost every single day.”

Each of those interviewed were responses received via email or by telephone. To protect their identities, names were not used as all were carried out on the condition anonymity. Unfortunately, GameStop did not reply to requests for comment.

Declining sales

The reality is, GameStop has been instrumental in the culture of video gaming and operates over than 5,600 stores throughout the world. However, the retailer is in trouble, and its most recent financials suggest the future is not going to improve.

The most result results have seen its share price drop to a fifteen-year low and is now seen as a poor investment by most investment analysts. One of its largest investors defaulted on a debt of $8 million debt, and Analyst Zacks Equity Research said they believe the company is now another victim of the retail landscape that is impacting multiple retailers throughout the world.