iPad Pro 12.9 vs iPhone 11 for gaming

The latest Apple devices are all excellent choices for just about any game you would like to play. The new iOS 13 makes it possible to connect any Bluetooth device to your phone or iPad and get a better experience with all your favourite games. However, how does it compare to the game on an iPhone versus the massive 12.9 iPad Pro? Well, the first thing you would notice is the enormous size difference. Also, let’s face it the performance difference won’t be noticeable at all since these devices use very similar chipsets.
When we look at the actual differences, we need to look at in-game features and the benefits you gain. Popular games such as PUBG and Grid Autosport great to compare the differences between these devices. Both of brilliant on either device, but when you begin to look at small advantages, you’ll quickly see that the more significant device beats the other by far.

Getting a Better View

Especially in shooting games, being able to see more is a benefit, no matter how you look at it. You can see players more comfortable, and it becomes much quicker to aim accurately. Even with games such as PUBG, it is essential to see an enemy as soon as possible, or you might be the one being spotted first. The bigger screen certainly makes a difference when it comes to placing someone far away.
In racing, the bigger screen also helps a lot, but it doesn’t exactly help you go faster. Sometimes, the small device offers an even better experience, especially when it comes to touchscreen controls. As some of you might know, the Grid game has the option to control the car by tilting the screen as if you were holding a steering wheel. This is certainly much easier with the smaller iPhone device as the iPad tends to be a bit too heavy, especially the 12.9.

Is it Worth Buying the 12.9 for gaming?

If you are considering getting the iPad Pro 12.9 inch purely for gaming, you might be better off getting a gaming laptop. However, if you are purchasing the device for other uses, either way, this is simply a brilliant choice that could cover your gaming needs at the same time. There are loads of excellent games to choose from, which isn’t only limited to those mentioned above. The new Apple arcade is sure to reveal loads of new ways to make the very most of your gaming experience.

Even the smaller iPad Pro 11 inch is an excellent choice for everything you need. Sure, the 1.9-inch difference is noticeable as it offers a much higher viewing platform, primarily when you game from further away. Then again, the 11-inch device is lighter and easier to manoeuvre, especially for those who want to take their gaming device while travelling.