Is PUBG Better on the iPad?

The PUBG mobile version is one of the most popular games in the world. Those of you who have played would already know what it is all about as you enter the massive open world to find weapons, kill other players and score your chicken dinner. Many have been trying to find better ways to enhance their gaming experience and improve their kill to death ratio. With the new iOS 13 update, Apple makes it possible to use Bluetooth devices, but the game instantly blocks these as an unfair advantage. So, what other ways could you possibly use to improve your game and get better results?

Well, one of the best improvements would be to use a bigger screen where you can see more. Let’s face it; one of the most significant advantages you could have is being able to spot movement before anyone else. This would mean a bigger screen is a massive advantage as you can see more of the map and have a bigger picture to spot other players. This allows you to prepare for the kill by aiming correctly, changing guns and catching the player by surprise.

Controls are Easier on iPad

Being able to move around, collect guns and even customise your weapons is a lot easier with a bigger screen. The buttons appear further apart, and it is less likely that you hit the wrong button while playing the game. There is nothing worse than hitting the fire button when you are trying to look around, especially when you are in a house and trying to be quiet. When you find a crate, a bigger screen makes it so much easier to quickly scan through the items and pick the ones you want. You can also take your time a bit more as you have the advantage of looking around quicker and seeing when someone is approaching. The bigger screen also makes it possible to do more than one thing at a time. For example, you would be able to use the items in a crate and look around without hitting the wrong buttons or having to lift your finger the whole time.

Finally, the buttons of much more prominent on the iPad devices, making it easier to hit the right one when you need to. Whether you need to jump, fire or just run, getting the right button in a panic is a lot quicker and simpler. Smaller devices tend to become quite impossible in panicky situations, which is usually where the prepared player has the advantage. The iPad version of PUBG is an excellent choice for players who want to improve their game. This doesn’t only give you the abilities to enhance your skills, but also adds the advantage of being able to see more than any other players. Using something like the iPad Pro 12.9 would be the most significant advantage as you have a massive screen to work with and all the touch features integrate seamlessly.