Ninja Resigns with Twitch

Tyler Blevins surprised the gaming community by revealing his contractual partnership with Twitch, which will see his virtual personality known as “Ninja” return to the iconic streaming platform. Dedicated supported of Tyler Blevins never anticipated that his virtual persona would return to Twitch, with the two parties having a significant fallout in the year’s past. Alterations to Tyler Blevins former contract with Microsoft prompted his renegotiations with Twitch, leading towards an inevitable “Exclusivity Deal”. Details regarding the salary that Tyler Blevins will earn during his 2nd contract with Twitch hasn’t been revealed.

Ninja – Tyler Blevins, issued a formal statement regarding his decision to rejoin the Twitch community after their public fallout. Tyler emphasized excitement in reconnecting with his fanbase and streaming consistently through the most popular platform for gamers. Blevins mentioned that it took four weeks for him to determine which streaming platform is best suited for his Ninja persona. Tyler would note that Twitch continually supported his process & respected his overall career goals, leading him to believe they’d be the best option to elevate his brand. Statements from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins ended by promising he’ll show the positive impact of a fantastic community.

The Vice President of Content for Twitch, Michael Aragon, issued a company statement behind the contracting of Tyler Blevins. The Vice President stated that Tyler had become an iconic force amongst the gaming community that isn’t rivalled by any. That re-contracting his virtual persona of Ninja will assist with Twitch’s goals to create a broader culture. An emphasis was also placed on how eSports have become mainstream during the COVID-19 pandemic & that Tyler Blevins represents the best attributes of the overall community.

Tyler Blevins signed a second contract with Twitch after his former partner, Mixed from Microsoft, was sold unexpectedly to the Facebook Company in June 2020. Blevins didn’t want to engage with Facebook after numerous reports of its cyber intolerance towards data security.

Exclusivity to Fortnite

The announcement of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins returning to Twitch was combined with the revelation that he’ll stream exclusively Fortnite. The period that Blevins will host Fortnite’s Marvel Series isn’t known, but fans remain hopeful he’ll be permitted to compete in other games down the road.