PC vs. Mac Gaming – What’s the Difference

A question that’s always popular among gamers is whether gaming on a Mac is as good as it is on a PC. Are the features as good and can you upgrade a Mac always to provide the best of what the game offers? There’s no doubt that Mac has some incredible graphic-generator capabilities. Most prefer the system for graphic design and most of the games we play have been developed on Mac. There’s also the price factor that plays a significant role as Mac tends to be a lot more than PC, but is it’ worth it?

In this article, we look at some of the most common differences and see what’s annoying about both systems. It might not point out that either is the best, but it would certainly help you decide on what method you should choose. There might be something that pops out as a huge disadvantage for you while for others it might not be an issue.

Pricing and Availability

Let’s face it; finding a high-performance PC is as easy as it comes. Not only can you find one with precisely the right chip and GPU, but you can also take advantage of some custom cases and even add more hardware later. Of course, the prices can range from a couple of hundred dollars well into the thousands, but if you’re looking for a decent gaming PC on a platform such as Amazon, you should get away with an excellent PC for under $1,000.

Mac, on the other hand, would set you back a couple of thousand. Firstly, they don’t offer the same customization abilities as PC, meaning you’ll need to upgrade your Mac when you want the latest features. When you look at the hardware of a Mac and see what the same hardware costs in a PC, you’re bound to get a shock as you can get the same for about a third or less of Mac’s price. However, you won’t get the same incredible design and the software.

Gaming Performance

PC players have the advantage of upgrading their GPU without going much else to the PC. Even if you don’t have a removable GPU, it’s as simple as checking the compatibility and buying the of the best for around $500. This gives you incredible gaming power and ensures you always get the most frames per second while playing even the latest games.

On Mac, you tend to pay the huge price for an updated version, but you certainly don’t get the same performance unless you go all out and break the bank by going with the most expensive systems they have. The built-in GPU cannot deliver the same power as most PC GPUs, meaning you won’t have the same details in your games, even though you paid a lot more for the system.