PointsBet Partners with NBC Universal

An agreement between PointsBet & NBC Universal was announced on August 28th. It was revealed that a multi-year media partnership had been signed, with the deal netting $400 million for NBC. PointsBet paid this contract fee to become the primary sports betting partner with NBC Sports for five-years. The 184 Million Viewers equated the $400 million that this broadcaster receives with their sports division. It extends towards an additional 60 Million on their NBC Sports – Digital.

NBC Sports has served the American public with live televised sports for decades, rivalling ESPN for coverage. PointsBet selecting NBC Sports for their partnership agreement has enabled the sportsbook to obtain a variety of marketing & media opportunities, while also receiving promotional rights for their casino/sportsbook. It’s an announcement that’s been highly welcomed by players of PointsBet.

Gamers with PointsBet will receive exclusive promotions for a multitude of sporting programs. Those include:

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • PGA Tour
  • Premier League
  • ATP Tour
  • WTA Tour
  • Formula One
  • IndyCar
  • WWE

The Chief Executive Officer of PointsBet provided an official statement towards their partnership with NBC Sports. Sam Swanell expressed that NBC is an iconic brand for the American public & maintains the largest audience of sports viewers in the USA. This will assist in creating greater trust and credibility for users considering PointsBet, with NBC’s reputation reflecting their own.

CEO Sam Swanell emphasized that the marketing tools provided by NBS Sports to PointsBet will become the cornerstone of their strategy until 2025. Sam also clarified that his team of talented developers would create in-house products centred around live broadcasted events from NBS Sports. This means a certain level of exclusivity is now maintained with PointsBet, with bettors on American sporting programs receiving better access than ever before.

The NBC Sports President & Executive Vice President of Group Content, David Preschlack, also provided a formal statement on the company’s agreement with PointsBet. NBC’s President clarified that this partnership would provide their broadcasting services with a secured position into America’s continuously growing sports betting industry. It’d be David Preschlack that confirmed this agreement is sustaining five years, marking the most extended deal NBC Sports has made since 2018.