RE8 Rated in Brazil

The 8th entry into the Resident Evil franchise has received it’s first rating from Brazil, which holds minimal value for Brazilian residents that are unlikely to have the funds available for purchasing RE8. Still, the rating issued for Resident Evil Eight is 18+. It’s the highest rating permitted in Brazil & indicates that extensive violence will be issued throughout this game. The rating follows inside source information that suggested RE8 would be the bloodiest & most violent entry in franchise history, with Capcom personnel calling the game a “Corpse Exhibition”.

Rating details were issued by Brazil, giving brief glimpses into what players can anticipate. There’ll be international scenes of death, mutilation, exhibitions of corpses, and extreme violence. Governing agencies in Brazil are recommending parents don’t allow their children to experience Resident Evil 8, that the horrors played throughout this storyline is disturbing for young mind.

Receiving ratings from any nation doesn’t arrive until the launch date of that respective date is nearing. Inside sources indicates weeks ago that arrival of Resident Evil Eight would be April 2021, with this rating approval almost cementing that launch date rumour. This means another game will arrive shortly for the PlayStation5 & Xbox Series X. Last Generation Consoles like the Xbox One & PS4 are also receiving subsequent versions of Resident Evil 8, which is suspected to support lower graphical fidelity than it’s upgraded components. The next generation version of Resident Evil 8 will support Raytracing, 4K Gaming, and 120FPS. Last generation consoles support HD Gaming & 30FPS.

Leaks Inevitable in 2020

It’s recommended that readers don’t locate information on Resident Evil 8: Village, with the storyline being fully leaked. Cutscene details & boss fights were released to whoever wants to locate this information, with even the full ending available to learn. It’s said that learning the storyline ruins excitement around this game, as influential characters seen in Resident Evil die in RE8.