Samsung A80 is Best for Gaming

Mobile company leader Samsung has recently released a whole new range of mobile phone called the A-series. It begins with an A30 and goes right through to the A80, offering new phones with excellent features. Sure, they aren’t quite as powerful as the S10 flagship phones, but they certainly aren’t far behind and can run all your games at unusual settings, very similar to what you’d use on the more powerful S10 phones. The big difference is, the A80 comes in at just about half the price of the S10 Plus, and in terms of gaming, it’s better.

The Screen

One of the most significant factors for gaming is the screen size, and as we all know, S10 Plus has a 6.4” display, which is brilliant for gaming. However, the A80 manages to top it with a massive 6.7” screen. The most incredible part of it all is that the A80 provides a super AMOLED screen that allows every detail in a game to stand out.

With the more prominent display, it also makes it possible to enjoy mobile screen real estate where you can place buttons and game options while still having a clear view of the game. Games such as PUBG is sure to benefit from this as it comes with multiple options in the game and you always need a better view of the environment, especially when it comes to aiming those long-distance shots.

Another great advantage is that the Samsung A80 doesn’t have a camera nudge at the top at all. The company has finally taken the step to create a motorized selfie camera, which pops up when you want to use it. This means you have the full screen to ensure more of the game instead of making everything smaller to avoid the annoying camera nudge.

It also comes with a tiny frame around the screen as the speaker sits behind the screen and the fingerprint sensor is built into the display as well. Therefore, you have a full edge to edge screen with a small frame, allowing you to get even more out of every possible gaming opportunity.

The Power

The Samsung S10 phones come with extreme power, but you certainly pay for it. The prices of these phones have reached more than most are winning to spend, which once again why the A-series has become the way to go, especially for those who want to game and use the phone for other everyday needs.

The A80 offers the well-known Snapdragon 730G chip with an impressive 8gb of ram. It also comes with a 3700 MAh battery and the new 25w charging system that will have you powered up and ready to go much faster than the regular fast charging 15w system. It also uses type C to type C cables, allowing for much faster data transfers to the laptop and other phones.