Sony Cross-Compatibility with Nintendo Switch

The Sony Corporation surprised loyal supporters this weekend. Sony posted a survey throughout the Reddit Forums, asking all PS4 owners what they’d think about streaming their titles to the Nintendo Switch. Immediately fans voted between a “Very Low to Very High” scale, with 98% approving of this potential feature. It’d mark a significant leap forward for the Nintendo Corporation to acquire this partnership agreement. Hundreds of thousands worldwide will purchase Nintendo Switches in anticipation of this feature if it’s ever confirmed and released.

Sony confirmed that this would work under the Remote Play feature, which has been available to consumers for nearly ten years. Individuals can stream favourite titles like God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Days Gone and Spider-Man to their mobile handsets. PlayStation supported the remote play feature for Sony-built handsets exclusively, that was until two years ago when it became available to all Android phones.

This announcement follows after the next generation of console wars has begun, with the Sony Corporation looking for exclusive ways that’d enable them to defeat Microsoft’s 3rd Xbox. Allowing for PlayStation Four titles to be experienced through the Nintendo Switch would be an immediate nail in the coffin for Xbox. Gamers would show overwhelming support for the upcoming PlayStation Five, increasing the projected sales revenues that could overcome Microsoft’s in 2020-21.

Highest-Rated Game from December 2019

Video game analysts were surprised to find out which game dominates the sales charts throughout December 2019. It appears that Electronic Art’s “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” has become a substantial juggernaut for sales. This was confirmed during an investor’s earnings meetings, which confirmed that expectations for sold copies exceeded by two million. It’s expected that this Star Wars title will reach 12 million copies purchased and installed by March 31st. This would make Fallen Order the highest-selling single-player title so far in 2020. Remember though, the Last of Us Two is releasing this holiday season.

This wasn’t the only promising news for investors during their earnings meeting. Electronic Art executives also confirmed that more than one billion had been earned in microtransaction sales, this being 20% higher than Activision. This follows as Respawn Entertainment Studios developed Apex Legends, the most popular open-world Battle Royale on the PlayStation Four and Xbox One. 2019 marked the best year for Electronic Arts in more than thirty-four months.