Square Enix Suffers $48 Million in Losses.

Significant financial losses have been sustained for Square Enix Digital Entertainment, a prominent developer of video games. Quarterly reporters were issued & noted that throughout March 2020 to September 2020, an influx of $48 Million was lost. When questioned why financial losses had been sustained during “The Avengers” launch window, Square Enix refused to provide definitive reasoning.

It suggests that Square Enix & their subsequent developer of Crystal Dynamics has suffered to garner fanfare with the Avengers. It’s been reported by multiple sources that popularity for “The Avengers” has been minimal, which follows after gameplay looked dismal & outdated compared to other comic-book themed titles.

PC Gamer is an influential source that’s highlighted on the downfall of Crystal Dynamics & Square Enix. Details showed that sale figures for “The Avengers” purposely wasn’t issued by the Japanese developer & publisher. However, multiple other games released by Square Enix in 2019 were highlighted for being a financial success. That included Final Fantasy XIV. Refusing to answer financial questions regarding “The Avengers” prompted data miners to locate critical information. One Japanese firm found reliable information that suggests sale volumes for “The Avengers” were 60% lower than anticipated. This Japanese firm detailed that Square Enix spent $100 Million on the development of their most recent game, with profits not soaring higher $3 Million.

That Japanese firm days later would revise their analytics, noting that “The Avengers” likely cost anywhere between $170m to $190m with a maximum profit of $3 Million. It marks the lowest profits earned for a Square Enix AAA+ game. Video game analysts suspect that Crystal Dynamics has given up focus on “The Avengers”, with its next-generation port not being released for the PS5 and XSX until Winter 2021. That announcement was seen with criticism amongst those few supporters which adopted the Avengers.

Why Did the Avengers Fail?

Sony Computer Company & Insomniac Games are a compelling reason for why the Avengers failed. Sony released “Marvel’s Spider-Man” on the PlayStation4 in 2019. It received positive reviews for sustaining challenging gameplay, exciting cutscenes, a stunning open world, and excellent character development. These are four attributes that the Avengers lacks nearly a year later.