Steam Supports PS5 Controller

The DualSense Controller for the PlayStation5 is receiving unexpected support with the Personal Computer via Steam. It was announced that PC Gamers that use the “Steam Input API Code” will be permitted access with PS5 DualSense Controllers, with recognition being added with the latest update. Button mapping is permitted & Gamers will have access to the LED Trackpad, with Haptic Feedback features also being enabled. There hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the adaptive triggers, which is a feature that requires functionality via PCs. It’s suspected that gamers that make the necessary component upgrades will receive specialized support.

DualSense support with Steam has gradually been released via the last few weeks, with the PlayStation5 controller receiving full integration in October. Using the DualSense controller was always possible, with advance features not enabled because Steam coding didn’t allow for the trackpad rumbling service enabled with PS4 DualSense.

Praise by Gamers

The official announcement of full support was widely praised by gamers wanting to transfer between their PlayStation & PC with the same controller. For almost two decades that hasn’t been possible without the usage of an external program, which can bring additional problems to computers, like Malware.

Release schedules for international support will be announced after further testing. Steam has greenlighted DualSense for North America. The update should be available for all users operating Steam, with the updated downloaded immediately after launching the program. It should be clarified that more than two hundred controllers are permitted via the “Steam Input API Code”. Additional selection includes Microsoft’s Xbox controller, and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Both cost an extensive price for PC gamers & often leads Steam to recommend their respective controller, the Steam Pro. The cost associated to the official Pro controller of Steam is $10 less than Xbox or PlayStation or Nintendo.