The new mobile game fixation

First, it was the books, capturing the attention of people all over the world, then it was the movies and the merchandise, but now Harry Potter has hit the mobile game scene with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The game was meant to launch on Ju, but due to some differences, some lucky people managed to download it on June 20. Currently, it is available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, while the rest of the world is waiting with bated breath. This was a smart move on the developer’s part as it ensures a minimized risk of server crashes, as people race to download the game.

Pokémon Go with a magic twist

The game is said to be in line with that of Pokémon GO an augmented reality (AR) game. As with Pokémon GO, you will be collecting items from various locations; in this game, they are called Confoundables and resemble badges. Once one has received these, you will need to cast a spell on them, and when this is done (it sometimes takes more than one period) you can add the confoundable to your registry which helps you level up and advances your rank in particular categories, similar to badges in boy scouts.

On the launch day of Wizards Unite, the game generated sales of $300 000, and in many ways, Wizards Unite blows Pokémon GO out of the water except for one major snag. While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has received excellent reviews on graphics and integration, there is one problem that may make its success short-lived. Wizards Unite makes it very hard to collect and sustain energy levels, and yet it uses a lot of energy to execute specific tasks. It is feared that this may cause players to bore easily and lose interest quickly.

What is an augmented reality?

Augmented reality games are games that combine the gaming world with your immediate reality using your cell phone as an interface. It’s similar to virtual reality, but you can use your cell phone instead of the headgear that comes with VR. In laymen’s terms the game uses your phone camera, so when looking at the screen you will see your garden, your street, your town, but on the screen will be added graphics of, for example, confoundable to collect, greenhouses with plants for your potions, inns which serve food for energy, and evils you may need to battle.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty fantastic addition the to Harry Potter world, and some exciting stories will soon surface, similar to the young man who found a body while playing Pokémon GO. People who don’t understand what AR will most certainly think their neighbourhood has gone crazy, running around with their cell phones raised out in front of them, shouting gibberish at the screen.