The Playstation 5

Global PlayStation fans who caught a glimpse of a holiday-themed advert thought it might be a hint that the PlayStation 5 might be hitting retail outlets soonish. With expectations of launching during 2020 high, Sony is keeping rather tight-lipped. They have yet to unveil a new console officially. In the past, the latest designs and developments of consoles rarely mirror the product released to the public. The designs seen of the PlayStation 5 are impressive, but it will be interesting to see the result, and exciting to know that Sony’s new hardware is already at the hardware design and development stage.

Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to deliver the next generation of consoles in 2020, but they are not even hinting at names yet. A patent has been uncovered from an application filed with the WIPO by Sony that gives us a look at the development kit for PS5. Yasuhiro Ootori is credited for the design. He is the technical director of Sony. He also participated in the launch in 2013 when the PS 4 was unveiled. Teased features by Sony include a solid slate hard drive and 8k Resolutions. This means faster load times with higher graphics rending capabilities. This means more details and impressive texture, but you will possibly not be able to differentiate between the 4k and 8k resolutions. So, in our opinion, this is a negative as it will just mean games install sizes will increase.

Backward compatibility with PS4 Games

Meaning you can hang on to all your old favourites and reject the anxiety that builds up when you think you have to replace all your games. No one likes to pay twice for something they love, nor do they enjoy the headache of trying to source or find them.
It looks like PS5 will be a powerful machine, but everyone knows the proof is in the pudding, so we will have to wait and see just what these specifications mean for your quality of gaming.

Microsoft might need to wipe that sweat from their brow and focus on equalling or bettering Sony’s plans for the console of the future. One thing that may give them a boost is the date of the reveal, as it seems the PS 5 might only be released after E3 2019. Another bit of information is that Sony has only indicated one console while it seems Microsoft’s operation Scarlett is planning two console models. One will be an entry-level device and the other the almightily powerful and expensive Xbox One X successor.