Top PC games in the 1st half of 2019

As we enter July, we enter the second half of the year, where has the time gone? As we get older time seems to speed up, all I can suggest is that you keep yourself young by playing games, especially PC games, as they are a lot kinder to your ageing joints, and for the younger generation, PC games will always be around in the evenings and at night when a game of football isn’t favourable. Below are some of the top releases for the first half of 2019.

Resident Evil 2

Finally, a Resident Evil to rave about. Resident Evil 2 was remade this year and at last, it has a well-written story making it one of 2019s greatest horror games. Who doesn’t enjoy a good shooting game and the bonus is that you are shooting Zombies, no need to feel bad! This might be a sentimental game for some, but it also caters for the unromantic gamers by way of action, plot and good graphics.

Metro Exodus

This game is based around survivors of a nuclear disaster who try rebuilding something as close to civilisation as possible. They attempt this task in the dilapidated Moscow subway passageways. At the end of the prequel, Exodus, there was a hint that the game might be taken above ground, which some may have thought would destroy the essence of the game, but it is done so well, with discoveries still exciting enough ruins for the end of the world feel.

Devil May Cry 5

From win to win, Capcom has pulled out another award deserving game with Devil May Cry 5. This game boasts a captivating slow-motion intro, thrilling battles, pleasant dialogue and exciting level designs – although a little redundant towards the end – Devil May Cry 5 is sure to catch the attention of all players, old and new.

Void Bastards

This comic-like space game by Humble Bundle, keeps you coming back for more. Each incursion is less than 10 minutes long, leaving you to scavenge through abandoned spaceships for refreshments, energy and ammunition, easy right? Wrong! Each time you start the game you have a random obstacle like “No Power” and face harder to beat opponents as you venture into the Nebular. You also have S.T.E.V your dry sarcastic AI guide with a wicked sense of humour. You are set certain tasks but need to collect ridiculous items to help you complete these tasks. The amount of thought and random ideas that went into this game seem never-ending, not to mention the different idiosyncrasies your avatars might have.

These games should keep you busy and in high spirits for a while and are good enough to play over and over again but don’t despair, we are only halfway through the year and I am sure there are many more awesome PC Games to be released.