Types of PC Games

If you are new to the gaming scene, the above list can be confusing, and no one likes to make a fool of themselves. So, before you go about using the jargon, let’s make sure you know what you may potentially be saying. Just like movies, games have genres can fall into more than one category of style. Think of the rugby world cup games; those games fall under both types, sports games, and simulation genres. Played over a local area network, aka LAN, or other the internet, players can interact with other players. Distance between players can be as far as the opposite side of the world and the hours of sweat and tears that go into the programming of these games allows for excellent gaming time.

Kinds of Games

  • Simulation – These games centre around taking control of vehicles, ships, aeroplanes cars etc. However, they can also include sport simulation games, taking control of different people. Simulation games are often used to train professionals like pilots but can also be used by personnel investigating an air crash. These investigators insert data and readings extracted from the black boxes to see the exact movement of the now downed plane.
  • Adventure Games – More often than not, these are single-player games. Adventure, mystery, and fantasy are often the backdrop for these games. You solve riddles, complete puzzles, and find objects to continue onto higher levels. These start with a bit of your character’s history and then informed of a goal you need to achieve. The rest is up to you; you need to work out how to complete the mission.
  • RTS or Real-Time Strategy Games – These games are similar to strategy type games but set in real-time. This means multiple payers can play together without taking turns. Generally, you collect items to stock up your inventory to perform and execute specific tasks.
  • Puzzle Games – Appealing to those with high IQ’s and problem-solving brains, these games consist of many levels ranging from extreme beginner to expert. These games are not thrilling and exciting, but they are captivating and ego-boosting when the puzzle is finally solved.
  • Action Games – To play these fast-paced games, your reflexes need to be top-notch. These games are excellent for the development of hand-eye coordination but can captivate you, drawing you into another world. Usually, you can choose your character, or even create him/her, and the game involves a lot of combat.
  • Stealth Shooter Games – Not much to say about these games that the name does not already tell you. They tend to be war games or spy games where your covertness is essential to the destruction of your enemies.
  • First-Person Shooters Games – The game is viewed through your eyes as the hero and central character of the game. In this game, you do not know what you look like (unless you walk past a mirror). Therefore, these games can also fall under the simulation genre.