Warzone Season Six Cinematic Trailer

Gamers are uniting together for the 6th season of Call of Duty: Warzone, the most popular edition into the COD franchise in years. Infinity Ward & Activision have progressively released new content into Warzone, allowing his community to grow and thrive across three hardware systems. It’s playable on the PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC. Next generation support on the PS5, XSX, and XSS will be added before January 2021.

Included with the current & next generation of Call of Duty: Warzone, will be two additional operators from Black Ops Cold War. Those operators were displayed on the trailer for season six of Warzone, showcasing iconic characters like Nikolai & Farah. Players that purchase the “Battle Pass” will receive access to these operators, with Farah being unlocked immediately & Nikolai becoming available after Tier 100 is reached.

Notably, this is the worst cinematic trailer that Call of Duty: Warzone has released. It feels lacklustre on production value, in-comparison to other five trailer’s that have been released. Farah & Nikolai are seen combating against enemy forces during the cinematic trailer, appearing throughout a series of subway tunnels that creates a confusing labyrinth. The trailer confirmed a long-time rumour that Warzone would receive a subway system, which covers the full length of Verdansk Map.

Change of Price

Rumours regarding the 6th season for Call of Duty: Warzone indicates that the Battle Price cost could be altered. It’ll be cheaper than previous seasons, costing $12.00 instead of $15.00. That’s because prior Battle Passes cost 1600 COD Points, with that figure dropping to 1000. Game analysts believe that it’s a marketing ploy to get Warzone & Modern Warfare players more interested in the latest COD. It’s because the 6th Battle Pass is themed entirely around “COD: Black Ops – Cold War”.

There’ll be a notable increase of player activity on Call of Duty: Warzone until November 13th. Afterwards, activity will drop tenfold as Black Ops Cold War would’ve released by then. Anyone curious to what this COD plays like, there are hundreds of videos of pre-played matches on YouTube. An alpha version of Cold War became available between September 18th to 19th, allowing millions to play multiplayer maps like “Miami”.