Witches 3 Sales Increase by 500%

The Netflix Streaming Service has created one of the most popular television series since Game of Thrones. Named the Witcher, their source material originates from a novel and video game franchise. Since Netflix released their version of this story, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has experienced increased sales. Since the debut of this television franchise, the sales for its game counterpart have risen by 500% when looking at digital stores. Physical copies of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt increased by 554% from December 1st to February 1st. Video game analysts had anticipated that this title would receive increased sales, with nobody expecting this extreme level of growth. It’s allowed for the developers to send increased funds towards the finalization of Cyberpunk 2033. Analysts also praise their prominent sales to the release of the Witcher 3 to the Nintendo Switch, which is estimated to account for 163% of their physical growth.

The writer and creator behind the Witcher franchise also saw an immediate boost in his new sales. It was confirmed that the sales boost was listed at 562% in less than two weeks after the Netflix series was released. This brand is anticipated to outrival Game of Thrones shortly, with Netflix having global audiences and GOT having North American viewers. Both Andrzej Sapkowski and CD Project Red are profiting drastically from Netflix’s television series, with the author confirming that new stories would be released in this universe by 2025. CD Project Red also noted that a 4th Witcher game would be developed after Cyberpunk. Both the latest games and novels are expected to follow linear platforms like Netflix’s television series.

Naughty Dog Launching Game Demo for TLOU2

Additional headlines that surprised gamers this week included the announcement that Naughty Dog will be releasing their 1st demo for the Last of Us Two. This demonstration will be provided in Boston at PAX East, with the public having access to a specific level. Boston was selected for the demo to honour the 1st game, which was centred around Downtown Boston and it’s surrounding neighbourhoods.

Individuals wanting to acquire their hands on this demo must have purchases PAX East tickets, which are currently sold out. They’ll have to book an appointment under Naughty Dog representatives with PAX East. It’s estimated that 25 attendees will be gained access over the two-day event, allowing for each individual to play an hour of gameplay. This demo will centre around a level called Patrol, which sees Ellie partner with Dina, who leave their home-base to locate and eradicate infected.