World of Warcraft Review

When one thinks of games, it’s usually “fun” that is associated with it. But what if you could make money having fun? What if you could spend hours playing your favourite PC game while real-life money trickles in. Well, I’m here to tell you that dreams come true! Here is a guide on how to make money while playing.


The beautiful thing about YouTube is that you can post videos as often as you want. Original videos that include tips and tricks, interesting facts, World of Warcraft news and any other information you know you as a gamer would be interested in. Once people start watching and liking your videos, your community will grow. There is an option to insert adverts into your videos, and when people watch them, you will be paid.

Gold farming

When you have reached the maximum level in the world of warcraft, you will have time to focus on your quests. From your searches, you will be able to farm gold, which is an especially important item to players as it is the in-game currency. You can then sell your gold to other players. The bitter-sweet of it is you will have to play for hours and hours daily so that it will become a job, but it will pay

Levelling up Characters

Believe it or not, some people love to play the game but don’t want the hassle of powering up their characters. These people will pay you to do it for them! You can make money by merely bringing other people’s attitudes to the highest level or their requested level.

Speed levelling

This is a little different to levelling up characters as here you play with your client to help them level up faster. You will have customers asking you for this type of service, but it is up to you which services you will supply. I believe in being flexible to accommodate as many income-generating avenues as possible.

Account sales

One can easily create accounts in World of Warcraft. With limited restrictions to selling accounts, you can have a field day. However, it will take a good chunk of your time to level up the characters. But with people willing to pay thousands, yes that is what I said, thousands, for an account it will be well worth it.