Xbox Live Down Twice in One Week

The Microsoft Company disappointed millions worldwide when the Xbox Live Service became un-operational twice in one week. The 1st time occurred on March 15th when Covid-19 concerns across North America were beginning. However, a secondary crash followed on March 20th at 7 PM EST. Sharp percentages of users reported that their connection to Xbox had been terminated. It took three hours before Microsoft confirmed that they’d experienced issues with Party Chat, Matchmaking and Looking for Groups. This confirmation was made through Twitter.

The 1st shortage seen on March 15th lasted for a minimal period, with services being returned in two hours. The secondary crash was more drastic to matchmaking services, with some players reporting that their terminated connection lasted for twelve hours. It should be mentioned that Xbox Live’s Status currently indicates that social gaming platforms are unviable as of March 22nd. When it applies to the second crash, it began at 8:00 AM EST for players and wouldn’t end until 10:45 PM EST. It’s unknown what caused these issues to Xbox Live, with Microsoft unable to provide any insight.

This has become the worst period for Microsoft to lose connection with their servers. Covid-19 has spread throughout the globe, with hundreds of thousands being infected. Millions are committing to self-isolation measures. This has increased the volume of activity on Xbox Live, which has prompted some to believe that Microsoft cannot handle the recent valuations. This would explain why Xbox Live has continually seen shortages throughout the last several days.

Social Distancing Turns into Gaming

The millions of American, Canadian, European, Australian and Asian citizens that are practising social distancing measures have turned towards entertainment properties during this horrendous period in history. European governments have begun demanding that internet-companies lower the available bandwidth and that streaming services remove HD Capabilities. This is become accomplished to ensure that medical officials have access to internet services, which is required for researching purposes and assisting the ill.

Similar legislation is now being considered throughout the United States. Canadian internet providers have ensured that similar measures won’t be imposed due to the lower population. Those committing to social distancing, we recommend playing titles like Bioshock: Remastered or Modern Warfare. They’ll provide all the entertainment value possible.