Xbox Warns Consumers of Cyberpunk 2077

Headlines for several days have regarded CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, what was meant to become the most prominent & exciting video game in history. The latter occurred with Cyberpunk 2077 becoming one of the industries biggest failures in recent memories. Largescale corporations like Sony Computer Entertainment removed CP2077 from their online store while offering consumers refunds of $90.00 for their purchase. Microsoft hadn’t addressed concerns regarding CP2077 on Xbox’s digital store, that was until December 20th.

Terms & conditions were issued to Xbox’s online listing for Cyberpunk 2077. It indicates that consumers are likely to experience performance issues until CD Project Red releases updates over the next three months. The Xbox Company also confirmed that refunds with a “No-Questions-Asked” policy are being implemented. Gamers with Xbox’s can now receive digital refunds for their version of CP2077. It should be clarified that refunds are given in Xbox currency, meaning returned finances can be exclusively used on the digital marketplace.

Microsoft discussed the prominent issues regarding CP2077 with Eurogamer. They’d acknowledge that players aren’t pleased with the experiences received with Cyberpunk 2077 & for most this title has become unplayable. Microsoft would issue praise towards CD Project Red for releasing CP2077 under the challenging circumstances of Covid-19s pandemic. However, refunds are still promised to customers requesting immediate returns.

Big Changes Coming

It’s an influential moment for the gaming industry, with Sony & Microsoft never introducing immediate refunds through their digital stores. Gamers have been forced to continue owning & playing games that weren’t enjoyed if purchased online. It’s been a regular complaint regarding Sony and Microsoft’s digital marketplaces. Updating the terms & conditions for CP2077 could lead to a revolution of online returns.

Not providing returns would’ve been criminal of Xbox & Sony, with CP2077 being an extensively corrupted game. Detailed reporters from investigative gamers noted that “Save Files” exceeding 8MB in size prompts Cyberpunk 2077 to become corrupted. One saves past that amount will likely destroy this game until updates are released.