2020 Big Year for Ubisoft

The Ubisoft Corporation strategically took a step back throughout the 2019 Fiscal Year, with their remittance into the gaming industry slated for 2020. Additional details regarding their strategic lineup of titles for 2020 has been provided following a recent investors meeting. It was confirmed that Ubisoft is releasing five titles, all with Triple-A support. Three of those games are already publicly known, with the most reported being Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch Dogs Legion.

The 3rd title is Gods and Monsters, with rumours indicating the 4th game will surround the Assassin’s Creed universe. Video game analysts haven’t determined the 5th game, with rumours regarding upcoming games from Ubisoft surrounding the four previously mentioned titles. Some believe it could be a new entry into the Far Cry franchise, with others finding it’ll centre around the Just Cause series. The chances are that it’ll be a previous international property regarding Battle Royale-esc gameplay.

Potential Reboot

The Ubisoft Corporation didn’t provide investors with details regarding the two unannounced games, with them being told that it’ll surround two of their most beloved franchises. There have been extensive rumours surrounding the Assassins Creed franchise, almost guarantying that this will be one of the two unannounced games. Kotaku and IGN reported the potential of a Far Cry sequel. It should be noted that the “Brothers in Arms” franchise has been rumoured to receive a reboot, with gameplay centred around modern shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Implementing a rebooted franchise of this nature could earn Ubisoft millions in potential revenue.

The 1st three games confirmed will be released during the fourth quarter of the 2020 fiscal year. Those two unannounced titles are expected to arrive during the summer holidays, which is typically a downfall period for the gaming industry. It’d be the perfect time to revive a former brand, as gamers would be squandering for new titles before the Christmas season. The chief executive officer with Ubisoft believes that keeping quiet about these two unannounced games will enable their popularity to be competitive with franchises like COD or Tomb Raider.