There’s no doubt that PUBG mobile is one of the most challenging games available, mostly due to the fact that you’re not playing against a computer where you get to choose the difficulty. Instead, you’re dropped from an aeroplane along with 99 other players, and it’s up to you to find the weapons and be alert enough to actually kill before you’re killed.

These are the features that make PUBG mobile one of the most interesting as well. It’s a whole new challenge to mobile gaming, and there are some who just manage to stay ahead of the rest and make it to the top 20% of all players. Well, it’s actually not that hard when you follow the basics of how to ensure you’re not caught off guard and killed among one of the first.

So, what do you need to achieve to become a top 20% player? Well, you’ll need to win a few games, not get close, but actually, win the entire event. You’ll also need to play in such a way that you’re at least in the top 15 of each game. Follow these tips to get there and survive:

Try Solo Games as Well

Most play the demo or squad games of PUBG mobile as you have more players working together and helping each other. Most consider the solo games to be a lot harder as there’s no one to revive you when you get knocked out. Well, in solo there is no knocking out, it’s either live or die.

However, the solo games allow you to think for yourself and get ahead of the other players. It also avoids being ambushed by a team of 4 players who don’t even give you a chance at getting out alive. The solo game requires a bit more technique and what better way to gain it than to push yourself.

Look Around When You Run!

More often than not, most of my kills come from players running in the same direction I do, but just not looking around to see me. It’s so easy to prepare for the kill as the runner has no idea I’m even there.

When you run, even when you are running ahead of the wall, use the free-look feature and keep an eye on your back and sides. You’re sure to see others eventually, and you’ll increase your K/D ratio drastically as most rounds include up to 5 of these kills.

Don’t Land in a Busy Area

Have you ever seen how quickly the living drop to below 50 of 100 when the game starts? It’s usually within the first minute or two. This is because players keep going for the busiest areas altogether and just end up killing each other in crossfire.

To survive, choose a small area with just a couple of houses where you can find guns. Stay low, move slot and keep your eyes open for those footsteps. Nothing better than catching someone off guard with a shotgun as they come up the stairs thinking no one is in the house.