By now, you would know that the favourite battle royale PC game PUBG is available on mobile for Android and iOS as well. It started in China but has now become available for worldwide players, and it’s completely free!

There are quite a lot of differences with the PC and mobile game, which doesn’t just relate to difficulty, but gameplay as well. Firstly, the mobile version might be free, but if you want to unique clothing and weapon skins, you’ll need to spend some cash or hope you get what you want with the crates by building the boxes that provide random items.


The first significant difference is just how many outfits there are for the mobile variation as it provides so many more shirts, pants, shoes and even glasses for your character. On top of that, you’ll get special event drops where you can buy even more specific outfits!

The game is well categorised, making it easy to see what’s new. However, you need to unlock most of the items by getting on a higher rank, which doesn’t take long, but you would need to spend some time in the game and reach the goals.

You can also buy random crates with your BP, which gives you the opportunity to collect items you’ve unlocked already. The nice thing is, you can sell the duplicates, allowing you to open more boxes and finally get the items you want.

Starting a New Round

The mobile PUBG has some upgrades we were hoping to see in the PC game, including an indicator to see how many players are still on the aeroplane (allowing you to point out busy areas). There’s also a flight direction indicator, and the mobile version still provides the full map where you can choose locations to jump to.

Once you choose a location, the map and the compass provide the distance and direction of your desired location, making it easier to get as close to your destination as possible before you jump.

Once you land, you’ll find guns are quite easy to find, and the mobile version selects weapons automatically. Of course, you can change guns, drop items and do all the things you would on the PC version, making it much as entertaining.

The mobile game is straightforward and includes all the action buttons on the screen so you can easily reach to shoot, run, crawl and much more. It also provides a connection indication and your speed, allowing you to keep up to date on lagging.

Major Difference to Map

When you get on the ground of the mobile game as someone who has played the PC version extensively, you’ll quickly notice a few differences, including fewer fences in certain areas and that none of the windows come with glass.

There are also some missing items altogether, including the lighthouse at the top of the hill by the main bridge. Other than that, you’ll even notice the interior of the building has changed a lot.