Diablo 3 is another of the Blizzard Entertainment Inc.’s stable of games, and as wildly popular as its other stablemates. New players find this game difficult to understand, as the forums can attest to, but many experienced enthusiasts in the gaming community are willing to help first-time players get started. Here is some help for a newbie on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Starting Out

Open the Diablo 3 game to the starting screen, and press Quick Match. Select your parameters; your choice is Difficulty, Campaign or Adventure. In other words, what quest, act or difficulty level you are looking for. Be aware that Difficulty has levels attached, so you need to start at the lowest level of complexity to move on.

For now, press select or the Back button on the Xbox, and choose any Act to enter the playing field. P is the pause button on the Xbox and opens the online multiplayer settings menu, which has a list of choices for inviting friends. This option is reserved for later when you’ve accumulated more practice and game confidence. You will need to input your friends’ list too, in order to invite them, eventually.

When you have made your selections, the game searches for compatible play matches for you. Try this a few times, choosing the scale of difficulty; the lower on the scale your challenge is, the longer you will survive to move up the level of difficulties. Decide what level you can handle first.

You need to be aware that once you join in the game, you will get a message: ‘New player joining the game.’ And the game begins to be more difficult. Two people playing is not too bad, but it is noticeable when a new player joins. Have fun playing and learning.