Mobile gaming has become a new platform for just about everything you could want to play. Not only do you have access to battle royale games such as PUBG, but there are so many other games out there. These include anything from fantasy through to the most realistic racing games.

The fact is, mobile gaming has taken over and with the incredibly powerful devices we have today, there’s no reason why the games won’t just keep getting better. Below, we look at some of the most interesting mobile games that you can play offline and online.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is the most significant battle royale game, and it offers a realistic survival experience where you and 99 other players are dropped on an island. You’ll need to find weapons, which includes anything from a frying pan through to the biggest sniper rifles you’ve ever seen.

The objective is to work with a team or play solo and take out the other online players on the map in whatever ways you desire. The game includes multiple modes, making it an exciting gaming experience that doesn’t get old after just the first few times you play.

Those looking for a challenging game are sure to enjoy PUBG mobile as it offers the same features as the PC game, but also includes a few new options to enhance the mobile game further. The controls are easy to use, provide accurate actions and even offer settings that let you change the way the controls work, where they sit and what you can do while playing.

Luca The Dreamer

Much like older games like Mario and even Sonic, we see an old ball named Luca who takes on the journey through various cities to meet the most prominent footballers in the world. Along the way, you need to collect coins, solve puzzles and complete multiple tasks to move onto the next country for even more adventure.
The game is well thought-out, offering impressive graphics, even though it’s a 2D game. There are exciting tasks, and you’ll find a large variety of features forming part of each city you visit. Even the controls are easy to use, smooth and provide an exciting mobile experience.

Chronicles of the Himalayas

Explore through the Himalayas wilderness with this fantasy and adventure style mobile game. You’ll form part of a world where reality and magic come together in an open-world environment.
Currently, only the demo is available, but we expect to see it go live later this year. However, even with the demo, you can take advantage of the interesting features, battle against others and discover some new features as you make your way through the stages and find new ways to improve your character. Graphics in the demo game aren’t great, but once it’s released, we expect to see an improvement there as well.