The Best Strategy Games on PC for 2018

When searching for the best strategy games for PC, we evaluate a wide range of important elements. Most gamers enjoy a mix between large-scale, explosive action and complex games featuring difficult decisions. In our list, you’ll find everything from long burn 4x games to fast-paced FPS games. We included the best titles for 2018 and hope you benefit from hours of entertainment once you find one that appeals to you.


This is essentially a complex and deep turn-based game featuring an unforgettable campaign system. You will basically be in control of a group of mercenaries, attempting to balance the books while upgrading your suite of battlemechs and mechwarriors in the strategy layer of the game. During battle, you will need to target certain parts of the mechs used by enemies, such as speed, angle, and armour. It can be quite overwhelming at first as this is an extremely dense game. However, that’s exactly what you want from a game with strategy, making this an ideal choice.


Northgard is basically a Viking-themed RTS that resembles Age of Empires. However, thanks to its smart expansion system, it will provide a unique challenge that will force you to carefully plan how you grow your territory. Weather conditions also play a vital role in the game. You’ll be required to prepare carefully for winter, and if you are successful, you might have better gear than your opponents. Rush through the story of the game, dive into the well-developed campaign quests, and begin the real fight with skirmish.

Into the Breach

A near-perfect designed, beautiful slice of tactical action brought to you by FTL. This game will constantly challenge you to face a series of Vek monsters on an 8×8 grid which is populated by a variety of objectives and tower blocks. However, most of the action revolves around the impact of your blows on enemies that are situated around the map. Civilian buildings will offer power, serving as a health bar during the campaign. Each time a civilian building is under attack, you will be one step closer to eventually losing the war.

Total War: Warhammer 2

The first instalment of the game showed a fantasy universe with impressively detailed units and massive battles. The second instalment further enhances the game with an arsenal of improvements in the interface, rogue armies, heroes, and more. The game comes equipped with four factions, including Lizardmen, Dark Elves, High Elves, and Skaven. Each is quite unique which provides a more in-depth story to the fantasy lore. If you are searching for an epic game with loads of strategy, you can’t go wrong with this game.

Civilization 6

This is currently the game of choice for us at the moment. It’s jam-packed with incredible features and the Districts system will allow you to construct sprawling cities and will challenge you to think multiple turns ahead, far more than the previous versions. The game is stunning, to say the least, and will provide hours of entertainment if you are looking for something to pass the time.