GTA5 quickly became one of the most famous games of all time, offering an open-world action-packed gaming experience that delivers a great storyline and gaming features we’ve never seen before.

We’re all ready for the next release, but the Rockstar team might only release in as late as 2022. However, they have recently released Red Redemption, which might not be GTA on all levels, but certainly has what it takes to keep us entertained while we wait for GTA6.

Red Redemption 2 is yet another game that packs a punch with innovative features and gameplay, which might just be a little taste of what we can expect in GTA6. There are some brilliant features in the game what we’d love to see in the next Grand Theft Auto release, which is what we’ll be looking at here.

Even Better Open-World

GTA5 and just about all the other GTA games have been amazing with their open-world design and Red Redemption 2 is no exception. In fact, it’s even more impressive than any of the GTA games we’ve seen as the development team has taken a completely new approach to the architecture, weather, quality and detail of the game.

GTA5 has improved a lot over the years, but still feels somewhat limited when it comes to design quality. For example, not only can you spot some weight hillbillies playing the guitar naked at some houses, but you’ll also see actual thunder on the rainy days.

Keeping to a Single Character

Having the ability to switch between 3 characters in GTA5 has certainly been a feature we’re all amazed with, especially since it made the game more interesting and added additional missions. If the same had to return to GTA6, we doubt anyone would really complain.
At the same time, we love the intensity of Red Redemption 2 that focuses on the story of just one character. It allows you to identify what’s happening a lot easier as you can follow the storyline a lot better.

Game Pace

One of the biggest differences with Red Redemption 2 is that you get to set your own progress pace. You can either try to zip through the story or you get to enjoy the game and its incredibly big open world.

Sure, there are some areas where they can improve, including the option to skip ahead with those seemingly long story-telling videos. Sure, they are part of the game, but since the result of the game can be different when you play again, we’re sure to have the urge to finish the game multiple times. By the second time you play it, those videos would be annoying.

Anyway, the ability to play the game as you prefer and make it as long-drawn as you want is a great feature as we home the Rockstar team adds it to the GTA6 game. If they do this with the option to travel faster, we’ll certainly have a game that’s much better than GTA5 already.