With PUBG being one of the most popular online games in history, most would think there’s no way the mobile version would cost much less than the Xbox and PC game. Well, it’s available for much cheaper, it’s actually 100% free from the Android store.

So, what’s the catch, are the features poor? Doesn’t it include the same quick key options? Does the graphics suck? No, no, and no. The PUBG mobile game actually hits the mark with just about everything you need to play the game directly from your smartphone, even those with a smaller screen. Instead of just saying it’s good, let’s get downloading and check out how it all works.

The Read Experience

Most would think the mobile game is completely different, but it’s actually the real deal, including 100 people playing on their iOS and Android phones who skydive down to an island. Once again, a whole lot of abandoned houses and buildings appear across the map where you’ll need to find weapons and other resources to remain the last survivor.

So, the first downfall is that only the standard map is available, but that’s just about it. Other than that, the PUBG mobile game is just as good as the PC game, including excellent graphics and screen features that allow you to play as fast as you would with a cursor. In fact, it actually seems to work even better than the Xbox game from some angles, which is a bold statement, but it’s true. Not only hasn’t it crashed, but the frame rate remains stable and it’s a lot smoother, which is more than you can say about the game on Xbox.

Playing PUBG With Touch Screen

Right off the bat, most would think the touch screen game would be an issue as other FPS games just don’t have the accuracy you need to get the shots in. Well, with PUBG the same layout is used, but from the very first shot you take, you’ll see that it’s certainly not the same as other mobile shooters.

The onscreen buttons and features are easy to use and actually make it really fast. You’ll move around with your thumb, which includes running forward and turning while you can turn your camera by dragging your thumb over the screen. Once you hit the aim button in the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll instantly get the popular view through the gun’s sights, allowing you to easily line up your target and take the shot.

Since it’s a touchscreen, you might find yourself firing shots by accident as the fire button is in a place where you’ll touch accidently more than just once. Of course, this means you’ll waste valuable rounds and your enemies would find you a lot easier. On the bright side, it’s important to remember that your enemies are using mobile as well, allowing you to score an edge as long as you keep the button in mind and only press it when you want to kill.