The festive season and holidays are here, and with tons of specials at the shops and Black Friday, it is time for some serious Christmas gift shopping. If you need a bit of help with deciding what to buy, we compiled a list of the best 2018 video games.

Life is Strange 2

Who would love it: Anyone who is a fan of choice-based adventures and a fan of deep stories Life is Strange 2 picks off where the first one left off and players get to follow two brothers, Daniel and Sean Diaz. An incident in their neighbourhood goes terribly wrong, which caused the loss of a police officer’s life, and Daniel and Sean are forced to run. The player takes control of the one brother, Sean as he tries to get away by travelling across the USA.

His main task is to keep his brother out of danger, while the game also includes lots of interaction with total strangers along the way. It is far from the average road-trip or adventurous game you would expect as one of the brothers do have powers, well supernatural powers that is. The first episode has just been released and there is four more to follow, so it is kind of the perfect gift as you get to continue with the next episode for his/her birthday.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Who would be most impressed with this gift: If you know someone who loves colourful games or cartoony adventurers then this is the perfect gift for the retro gamer. It is basically a love message to all the fans of the first Spyro series, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, brings with it a flood of nostalgia. Players get to experience the game as they remember it, yet it is an updated version for the modern consoles.

Even the original voice actors are back, and the only the soundtrack was given somewhat of an update. While it is the perfect gift for any die-hard fan, Spyro Reignited Trilogy is also perfect for the much younger gamer, and there is no doubt that it will be an instant hit.

Just Cause 4

Who would be most excited about this gift: Anyone a fan of destruction, chaos and explosions. Just Cause is a game most known for its destruction in over-drive as well as it is completely no-holds-barred. Most gaming fans are well familiar with the Just Cause game, and with the fourth one now available it would make the perfect gift for any gamer.

The player steps into the shoes of Rico Rodriguez, they immediately up against the black hand, a high-tech mercenary unit and this takes place in South America. What the player gets to use is powerful weapons, tricked-out cars and then there is also the extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornados. Jaw-dropping graphics increase the enjoyment of the game especially when explosions take place, the goal? The world needs saving!