With PUBG being such a massive online battle royal game already, there are few people looking to other game styles to get their dose of action-packed gaming. However, we all know other development companies try to leach off the success of major game brands, usually ending up dragging their name through the mud by not matching up with the quality of what PUBG has to offer.

Surprisingly, we find stacked couple of battle royal titles that actually hold a candle to the PUBG gaming experience, but in a completely unique way. Therefore, instead of looking at that were copies, we will talk about some of the best alternative battle royal games currently available. If you’re a fan of PUBG, you’re sure to love these:

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is about as close to PUBG as you’ll get right now as they a similar map, 100 players at a time and even include a range of weapons, much like the ones you find in the PUBG map.

There are also some advantages you can pick up along the way, including scopes, silencers and more. For many, the game might actually look a lot like PUBG as well, which might be a little close to home, especially if you’re looking for a unique game to ensure when you don’t feel like PUBG.

The Culling

The Culling if might not have the same that size or range of weapons, but it does add an interesting twist to the way you can defeat the other players and become the best. It focuses more on silent weapons and melee, but there are guns available. It just seems as if ammo is more valuable than gold and just as hard to find.

It follows a very similar gaming experience as with PUBG, including the playing area decreasing while you play. However, instead of the electric field, they use poisonous gas that allows you some time to get back to the area, but not much and yes, it will kill you.

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival has an interesting addition to the PUBG gaming experience as up to 300 players can start in each round. The game does include the same functionality in terms of weapons and the way the map decreases in size. It’s actually very much like PUBG in just about all possible ways, which is why the PUBG team has recently made a lawsuit against the NetEase company.

Nothing has been done about the game just yet, meaning you can still download it and give it a go before it disappears. The addition of another 200 players is a bit of a wild one, but it makes it interesting and includes a lot more action. In terms of finding weapons, you’ll need to be fast and puck up what you can before the other 299 players beat you to it. The guns are also similar to what PUBG offers.