With over 400 million registered players and over 80 million logins daily, there’s no doubt that you’ll meet some of the brilliant players a lot the way, you know, the type that takes you out even before you see them. While getting to those levels might take some time, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of surviving and even getting a few kills of your own.

With the full PC version, you don’t need to go spend cash to boost your experience points, but rather use the lower levels to learn the game and see what’s possible. As you might know by now, PUBG is a huge game and includes multiple maps, so trying to get to know the map beforehand isn’t exactly an option and you never know where the blue wall will start.

Instead, we recommend a few things to improve your changes and the best way to learn more about the game and the features available. It’s important to take your time and go slow, take the knocks and learn from them, and before you know it, you’ll be playing a lot better!

Stick with Team Mates

When you just get started with the game, you might not have any friends to team up with and it can be a little strange playing with others, especially if they speak a different language. Nevertheless, it’s well worth sticking to the team as they can provide you with huge advantages and you can do the same for them.

As the game starts and you’re all in the aeroplane, be sure to keep an eye out for markers on the map. These are positions selected by teammates to indicate where they will land. Only you and the other teammates can see these, making it a great way to get started together.

If you aren’t good at going where you need to go with the jump, rather follow one of the other players in your team. This has you jumping at the exact same spot and the same movements, allowing you to land exactly where they do.

If no one in the team has selected a spot, do so by opening the map (press M) and click on a location where you’ll be aiming towards. Invite players to jump with you and try to land as close to the mark as possible.

Gearing Up

Once you’re on the ground, you’ll need to get gear as soon as possible. Avoid going for the small houses and out-houses as these usually include small packs and upgrade kits. Instead, aim for the biggest houses and try to get there first as they would include multiple guns, better protective gear and even a few upgrades.

Always be on the lookout for gear that has a higher level as this gives you more time to react when you get a strike from the side and can’t see the enemy. If you get knocked down, your teammates will be within reach to assist, just make sure you get out of the firing zone.