So, you’ve come around to join the world of mobile gaming by choosing the best. Of course, we’re talking about PUBG Mobile, the latest, most exciting mobile shooter that shares a lot with its PC big brother. While the PC and mobile variations are basically the same game, there’s a lot different, and it certainly changes the way you play and the strategies you use.

As a PUBG mobile pro, there are loads of little tips and tricks that would help you get to from being a beginner who gets killed in the first 5 minutes to becoming one of the top players who finishes in the top 10 in each and every game!

Understanding that Everyone is Slower

There’s no doubt about it, even the best mobile players cannot react as fast as they can on PC. Firstly, the mobile screen is smaller, and all your action keys are on the screen. It’s a lot easier and faster to press a physical button or move the mouse to get the perfect aim and do actions.

Luckily, PUBG Mobile is an entirely different server and all the players in the game are using mobile devices. Therefore, everyone is a bit slower and don’t aim quite as well as in the PC game. You use this to your advantage by giving yourself time to react and look around instead of just waiting to die.

The best way to get out of someone’s sights would be to run around. Don’t just or drop down as this requires you to look away and locate the jump and drop buttons. Grab the left side of the screen and move as fast as you can while seeking a place for cover or to locate the enemy.

You’re Not Faster than the Wall

When you jump out of the airplane, think about where you’re going to land and where the wall might start. Landing in a position in one of the furthers corners of the map might give you great guns, but it means you’ll be running or driving for just about the rest of the game. And just by the way, we love to pick off a runner from a long distance.

If you want to last longer, land in a small area with houses around the middle of the map. This allows you to find good guys, a scope and even some med supplies. It also gives you the time to assess where the smaller wall circles will be, allowing you to move there while taking your time.

Being stationary at the top of a hill and keeping an eye out for runners in one of the best ways to get your kill to death ratio up as they don’t even know where you are or where to shoot before you kill them. Always keep an eye out for the wall on our map and be sure to turn up the volume on the game to listen for footsteps in your area.