Players enter the year is 2036, with almost a quarter-century that have passed since the nuclear war, there is devastation on earth, only a few thousand managed to become survivors, which now cling to a reality that consists of living beneath the Moscow ruins, this is basically the Metro tunnels. Survived the fights against mutated beasts, also dealt with poisoned elements and bizarre horrors these are the ones that also had to suffer through the flames of war.

As Artyom, you must lead spartan rangers and flee from the Metro by taking on a continent-spanning trip leading across the post-apocalyptic which is Russia to try establishing a new life in the East. It is a story-driven, epic first shooter game, Metro Exodus is an 4A Games creation that combines stealth and deadly combat with survival and exploration horror into the most immersive worlds. Players get to explore the wilderness of Russia, follow the exhilarating story-line that stretches across an entire year including autumn, summer and the icy winter, all inspired by Dmitry Glukhovky novel, which tells the tale of Artyom’s and now his adventure continues.

Game Features Offered in Metro Exodus

In this incredible adventure packed journey players get to board the modified locomotive of Aurora, join the few survivors and search with them to find a new life. The Sandbox survival includes non-linear levels, tells a gripping tale and links gameplay together with the classic Metro. The different stages include discovering a hostile, yet beautiful world, the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Russia, dynamic weather and cycles of day and night. The deadly stealth and combat include customizing your arsenal weaponry, every choice you make determines the fate of your comrades. Your companions won’t all survive the difficult and most challenging journey, every decision have huge consequences that ensures incredible play and a gripping storyline that makes it almost impossible to take breaks form the game.

Metro Exodus Release Date

Released in February 2019, Metro Exodus offers the ultimate immersion and atmosphere, ragged gasps when your gasmask frosts, flickering candles in complete darkness and mutants howling in the night wind, Metro Exodus will terrify and immerse players like no other game before it. The highly anticipated, first person shooter will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Windows PC.

Metro Exodus is one of the biggest game releases scheduled for early 2019 release and with the entire series inspired by the novels of Dimitry Glukhocsky, it is predicted to become one of the most popular games, playable across multi-platforms. Metro Exodus is the latest game release by 4A Games directed by Andiry Prokhorov and thousands of gaming enthusiast get to flee the Metro, which is the shattered Moscow ruins, they embark on an epic adventure that takes them via several levels to the wilderness where more challenges await, the thrilling story-telling game also get participants to use strategies to overcome obstacles as each move and decision can change the entire game outcome.