PUBG mobile gets a new range of features with multiple updates that provide more features, gaming opportunities and even more killing action.While the standard game already packs a punch with loads of excitement and killing action, why not add some zombies that hunt you as well and make it even harder.

It certainly makes the game harder as you get so wrapped up in trying to stay alive and kill zombies with your teammates that you forgot about enemies, until you get clocked in the head and knocked out of course.

The new special event hasn’t become as popular as the classic game as you get around 50 players per game at the moment, and there are a few annoying things to get used to. Overall, it’s a fun addition and certainly makes you think differently about everything you do, how you move and what guns you pick up.

Whether you’ve played the new game or you’re not too sure if it’s something you’d like, here’s our top tips to get the most out of it and survive till dawn and hopefully go through to the end of the game.

Stick with the Team

It doesn’t matter who you play with, how good they are or where they go, stick with your team as it makes it much easier to try to handle all the zombies about to come your way. You’ll find the map is smaller as the wall has already zoned it. Making it an action-packed game from the very beginning, not because zombies come as you land, but rather because you need to grab a gun, check for enemies and stay sharp.

If no one in the team invites you to jump together, take charge by asking them. Most would accept as they also know it’s important to stick together. Sure, there are some who want to play it brave and die early, but as for the rest, be sure to stay within running distance of each other. When the zombies start coming, stick as close together as possible, and each covers a section around you. Don’t move away from the team to pick up ammo unless you need to.

Keep Moving and Use Automatic Rifles

The best way to give yourself time to reload and recover would be to keep moving around. However, as mentioned above, don’t walk away from the team too much, but rather stick together. If a teammate gets knocked out, don’t run and try to save them in the middle of a battle, instead cover them and try to keep the zombies away.
If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a minigun, you’ll undoubtedly be the star of the team and would need to work just a bit harder to keep everyone safe. However, the 200 bullets don’t last very long, so be sure to have an automatic rifle as a back up until you have time to reload the minigun.