Those who have taken the time to download to app and get started right from the start on PUBG mobile would already know that the game looks and feels the same as the PC version but is actually completely different when it comes to playing.

Most, including myself, don’t really bother with first-person shooting games on mobile as they are always difficult to use, and the smaller screen simply doesn’t compare. However, the PUBG mobile game caught my attention as it offers surprisingly good graphics and other players recommended it as it’s completely different from just about any other FPS mobile game.

Download was quick, creating an account with Facebook was faster than ever and getting into the first game only took a few seconds. The mobile game certainly has more than enough players to get you into the waiting area without any delays faster than you’d think.

We were surprised to learn that the mobile game is completely free, but there are some purchase options within the game. However, there is no need to spend money unless you really want a particular outfit or to move up in levels a lot faster. The rest of the things you can collect as you play the game and earn rewards.

Even the Most Experienced PC Players will Find Mobile a New Challenge

PUBG mobile is different from the normal game as all of your controls and quick action features are now on a touch screen instead of physical buttons you can’t keep your fingers on. The first annoying thing you’ll come across is pressing the fire button accidentally, which always seems to happen when you are trying to keep quiet as footsteps are in your area. It is not that the fire button is in the wrong place or anything, but rather that you’re trying to move quickly and might just tap it. Luckily, you’ll get used to the screen and avoid it as you continue playing.

Aiming is yet another area where you will need a lot of practice as your thumbs simply can’t get the screen to move as fast and accurately as the mouse on your PC. However, the advantage is that other players also cannot react as fast, making it a race to the first player getting the sights lined up and pulling the trigger. Of course, having the experience to move around, drop down and even run would play off with the mobile game. However, it once again depends on how quickly you can get to the button and ensure you stay out of your enemy’s fire.

The PUBG Mobile game does come with many exciting features that seem to be missing from the PC game, including an indication of where a gun fire and footsteps come from on your map. Sure, while on PC you’ll be using your 7.1 headset, making it easier, but the mobile feature that gives you an idea of where it comes from helps a lot. It also means you need to be careful of where you move around and just how much more ways you make while playing the game.